How we will extend this project

We will contact the organizations on the Justification page (International Women's Day, The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund, International Women's Media Foundation, Face Forward, and Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press) and form a partnership. We will exchange ideas with these groups to improve our own project. Face forward is an especially important group for us to contact because they were William and Mary Community Action Project as well. We can learn from them and possibly work with them on the W&M campus since we have similar goals and values.

We will be in contact with W&M's Collegiate Awareness Regarding Eating Smart (CARES) who has an annual Love York Body Week. However, it focuses mainly on the health of William and Mary students. We will work with them to diversify Love Your Body Week so that it includes a global perspective. We want to be sure that people know the effects the media has around the world, not just on W&M students.

10 years from now

Monica Bellucci posing for French Elle with no makeup and no air brushing. We hope that our activism will encourage more issues like this.
Monica Bellucci posing for French Elle with no makeup and no air brushing. We hope that our activism will encourage more issues like this.
In 10 years, media outlets will respond to our requests to diversify their publications, TV, movies, and products. Our letter writing campaign will make a difference, and because our website has the letters posted it will sustain the influx of mail into Viacom and Cosmopolitan.

As a result of our letter writing campaign and fliers around campus, there will be increased student activism in this area. As more people become aware of the issues, the media will change accordingly.

We will make a permanent organization focusing on these issues. This group will continue with a one day celebration of individual beauty, embracing the diversity we have here at William and Mary. It will be called Diversifying Beauty Day and will continue the activism we have started.

Sustaining the project
One of the fliers we posted around campus.

Diversifying Beauty Day will sustain the project by raising awareness every year about cultural imperialism, globalization, and transnationalism. Part of the day will be educational, where people can learn about globalization's effects on beauty. The other part will be direct actions, like targeting other media organizations with letter writing campaigns and having phone banking days to flood their voicemails.


Diversifying Beauty Community Action Project was created for
Professor Marcus's Intro to Women's Studies Course
College of William & Mary
Spring 2009